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As a consultant in the sustainability industry for over 8 years, it brings me great joy to work with municipal and corporate clients. You will find me with my boots on the ground researching the reality of waste collection and processing in your Southern California community. Together we can plan for diversion from landfill and set up effective recycling programs that make wasting less both easy and convenient for residents and customers.


Primary Services

What I Offer

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Zero Waste Planning

Sometimes a city or business wants to go above and beyond to establish policies and practices to divert its waste. A solid plan with achievable milestones is key.

Technical Assistance

The boots on the ground help that some communities need to make sure infrastructure is adequate, staff are trained, and programs are set up for success.

Grant Writing & Management

Grants need careful applications, tracking and management to ensure funding is approved and programs are shown to be successful. I can help with that.

Education & Outreach

People want to do the right thing, but they can't if they don't know how. Community based social marketing helps to truly understand behavior and develop education and outreach that works.


Work Experience

A selection of past and present clients that Natalie has helped with waste planning services.

County of Los Angeles

Waste Characterization of Recycling Stream

City of Santa Monica

Zero Waste Planning & Stakeholder Engagement

City of Carlsbad

Zero Waste Planning

City of Redlands

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Study

City of Rancho Cordova

Legislative Compliance & Recycling Coordinator On-Call Services

Town of Corte Madera

Zero Waste Planning,
Technical Assistance & Grant Coordination

Outer Sofas

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Study


CalRecycle Grant Application

PodShare Colive & Work

Technical Assistance & Education & Outreach

Earth Day Film Festival

Digital Marketing &
Global Event Coordination


"Natalie has excellent public speaking and interpersonal skills. She is truly one of the bravest and most adaptable people I know."

Lynsey Sammons, California State University Chico, Sustainability Collaborative


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